Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabric Lovers will LOVE these

No fabric lover could walk past these. Rich and vibrant, these gorgeous pieces by Australian company Kaftan Kids are individually handcrafted with embroidery, ribbon and bead-work. Kaftan Kids featured on the excellent Babyology blog yesterday. These are my favourite images from the Kaftan Kids Summer 2010 collection which is selling well since its launch in October.

These images are copyright and have been published with the permission of Kaftan Kids. Visit their website to see the entire range.


  1. Wow Brenda, I just popped back to see how your blog was going - and you're all professional and up and running and even got sponsors! Oh my goodness all in two months! Well done, I'll be back to watch more of you....could you possibly add Google follower for us as well as RSS? Have a great day,
    Aimee x

  2. Thanks Aimee! Do you mean you would like to follow Kitty as a Picture? If so, I have just added a Google Friend Connect Follow button on the right. There is also a subscribe button above it that you can click to recieve RSS - choose Atom if you are stuck, or let me know if you have trouble. Thanks for your support. I will follow you through Google too.