Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Season Fabric Designs by Albetta

Albetta is a label I've had a lot of exposure to through my work, and I never grow tired of it. Their exquisite fabric designs sparked my interest in this area, and so it seems like the obvious choice for my first post.
Of the new season collection, due for release in New Zealand and Australia around February 2011, the Red Riding Hood design is my favourite. It is not easy to create a character-based design like this and maintain some sophistication; I think they have pulled it off brilliantly as always.

 Of the current season designs, I am a huge fan of the daisy print. On the baby dresses, Albetta have used a contrasting fabric to add some interest. Both the polka dots on the red, and the small floral on the blue complement the larger daisy print beautifully. A dress for older girls uses crochet in the shoulder and upper-chest area, and I love the effect.

The daisy dresses above are available online at Bambina, and at other children's clothing retailers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Photos courtesy of Molly Jay Ltd. Lifestyle images of the daisy dress are the copyright of Kitty as a Picture.


  1. Hi Brenda, I love the fact that you are looking at textile designs...I'm a nut about amazing fabric too. I found your blog tonight after meeting your sister at a work function and she recommended I look you up :) If you get a second hop over to my blog, I write about fabric design all the time...can't get enough of it. Best of luck with your blog adventures.

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