Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fashion That Memories Are Made Of

Sailor Rose dresses aren't designed just for Sunday-best. Sailor Rose dresses are meant to be played in, to have adventures in, to look just as good rumpled as they do freshly ironed.

Inspired by a love of vintage, this children's clothing range is based on the American tradition of making clothes at home out of something that has already been used and has a history. These clothes are designed to look as beautiful when worn by the third child as by the first.

Sailor Rose hopes their children's collection will inspire time and time again - be handed down through families, be that lucky find at the thrift shop, be dug out of the attic many years later and loved once more. 

Above: Sailor Rose Pillowcase Dress - Blue Paisley, Sailor Rose Pillowcase Dress - Red Rose.

Above: Fabric close-ups from the Sailor Rose collection, 100% cotton fabric from Liberty of London.

The more I look at the Sailor Rose children's collection, the more I love it; and I love the Sailor Rose philosophy. Let girls enjoy wearing beautiful dresses, but never be precious about what they are wearing. Let them play, climb, hike, camp, sleep in their dresses. Let their clothing become a part of their childhood memories, then stitch them, patch them, and hand them down to be loved by someone else.

Visit the Sailor Rose website for more information, and to see their full range.

These images are copyright and have been published with the permission of Sailor Rose. Many thanks!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from me and my family!

Christmas card illustration by Mike Howie, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! My very talented partner illustrated this fantastic card for our friends and family. He features there as the Nutcracker soldier. There's me, the snowman! Scout, our cat; and the fairy is our gorgeous girl who is celebrating her second Christmas (but the first she can really participate in.)

Wishing everyone a very happy day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vintage Illustration Thrift Shop Find!

In a previous post I mentioned that I found, in a thrift shop, some illustrated pages torn from vintage books. Here are some more from that lucky find!

I don't know the title of the book, or who the author and illustrator may be. If anyone has any idea, please leave a comment. They are quite charming aren't they!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trelise Cooper Kids - A Wonderland of Pattern and Print

Step inside the Trelise Cooper Kids Store in Newmarket, Auckland, and you'll feel like a child again. It is a wonderland of world-class retail interior design, designer children's clothing, stylish toys, and must-have children's accessories.

The Trelise Cooper Kids Summer 2011 Collection is a sophisticated take on the Alice in Wonderland theme that fits so well with the mood of the store.  It features luxurious textiles rich in pattern and print, and garments finished with playful embellishments that ensure the kids will enjoy wearing them. They even have cute names!

Left: Wild Flowers Belle-Ami dress, Wonderland Cater-Frilla pants.
Right: Dormouse Ebony Eyes Top, Hot Dog Follow the lead skirt, Dormouse Out of Sight pants.

Left: Jaberwock Miss Popularity jacket, Tea Party Invites Only dress, Dormouse Out of Sight pants.
Right: Tea Party Ladies Plate dress, Dormouse Out of Sight pants.

Left: Cottage Garden Rules For Girls dress. Wonderland Cater-Frilla pants.
Right: Blue Bonnet Blue Belle dress, Jean Jeanie Skinny Mouse jeans.

Left: Bunnyhop Hot Cross Bunnies dress.
Right: Wonderland Friends Forever top, Bunnyhop Belle Hop skirt, Wonderland Frilly Pep-Her pants.

Trelise Cooper is one of New Zealand's most well known and successful designers. Her collections are sold in boutiques in the UK, USA, Paris, Rome, Singapore and throughout Australasia. Visit the Trelise Cooper website to learn more about her and to view her collections.

All images in this post are the copyright of Trelise Cooper and were published with her permission.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Printed Dresses by Skinny laMinx

Much more than just a catchy name, Skinny laMinx is getting a lot of attention for its homeware, tableware, fabrics, and paper goods. But in amongst it all, you can sometimes spot a divine little dress!

There is an elegance in simplicity that designer Heather Moore, of Skinny laMinx, captures in every print. With a single colour, and clever use of the negative space, she creates a fabric that looks fresh, clean, and modern. I'm glad she sneaks in the occasional dress, it really works!

Cloud Birds Smock Dress - Verdigris

Top Left: Eep Smock Dress - Golden Green
Top Right: Orla Smock Dress - Dark Red
Bottom Left: Duikers Smock Dress - Aloe Red
Bottom Right: Cloud Birds Smock Dress - Apple Green

And look at these laser-cut cards - so beautiful!
I'm officially a big fan of Skinny laMinx; Love the name, love the designs!

You can find out more about Skinny laMinx at the website, follow the blog, or purchase items at the Skinny laMinx Etsy store.
Skinny laMinx also has a brand new retail space in Greenpoint, Cape Town. Find out more at her website.

Thanks so much to Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx for permission to show these images.

A Peek into the Imaginative World of Noferin

A friend visiting Sydney recently spotted the work of Noferin, which I think must have been the exhibition at a retail/gallery space on George Street called The Galeries

Noferin is the successful collaboration of husband and wife team, Nick and Candy. Together they have created an imaginative world of the 'Pecanpals', inhabitants of Carrara Island. The journey has taken them from a background in graphic design and environmental science, to the fine art of painting, wood sculpture, and literature. Noferin's acrylic paintings are quite striking, and I have picked out a couple of my favourites to show you.

In which the hills are alive with the hue of poppies by Noferin.
Acrylic on wood. 12 x 12" 2009.

In which the more it snows, the colder it grows by Noferin.
Acrylic on wood, 9 x 9" 2010

In which the sea sings in perfect harmony by Noferin.
Acrylic on wood, 2009

Noferin's character creations are available as wooden designer toys and plush toys. Visit the Noferin website for more information, or visit Flickr for more images.

Thanks to Nick and Candy of Noferin for permission to show these artworks.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wallpaper by Binny Talib - When did wallpaper get so cool?

Everyone is talking about Binny Talib. Her new collection of wallpaper is flying around the blog circuit, featuring in The Design Files, Li'l Magoolie, and most recently Babyology; and an adorable story of Basil Bunny illustrated by Binny Talib recently featured in Babiekins magazine.

Australian Binny Talib is a textile and surface pattern designer whose delightful illustrations are popping up on just about everything: album covers, books, toys, greeting cards, children's clothing, and wallpaper. Her hand-drawn characters have a charming, child-like quality that strikes just the right playful tone for a child's bedroom.
When did wallpaper get so cool?!!

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Lazy Bones

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Bear With Me

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Two Little Ears

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Swirly Girly

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Cloud Princess

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Squishy Family

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Pups in Cups

View the Binny Talib wallpaper collection on the IMGS website; See more of Binny Talib's portfolio at her website, or follow her blog.

These images are copyright, and have been published with the permission of Binny Talib. Thanks Binny!

A Sneak Preview of Exciting New Label, May May Chung

Brand new label May May Chung, launched at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair just over a week ago with overwhelming sales and many enthusiastic admirers. The eye-catching graphics are hand-printed, limited editions, appearing on cards, framed and unframed wall canvases, and fine Belgian linen tea towels and cushions. This is just a wee sneak preview, because I couldn't wait to show it off, but there will be more images to come! 

Huey and Friends Wall Print by May May Chung.

Fine Belgian linen, hand-printed cushions by May May Chung.

Fantails Print, fine Belgian linen cushion, May May Chung.

Huey and Friends Print, fine Belgian linen cushion, by May May Chung.

I promise to show you more images of this stunning new range soon!
Please direct any enquiries to

These images and designs are the copyright of May May Chung. Many thanks to May May Chung for allowing permission to publish these photos. 

Limited Edition Fine Art Posters and Prints at L'Affiche Moderne

L'Affiche Moderne is a French fine art print e-shop that is well worth a visit. Selling limited edition prints of some of the hottest talent in photography, graphic design, and children's book illustration, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice. I certainly found it difficult to whittle the images down to a small selection for this post.

Limoon, Red Apple: Limoon is a French illustrator and graphic designer.
Lucile Placin, La forêt: Lucile Placin is a French illustrator for children.

Lucile Placin, La forêt: Lucile creates wonderful worlds made of collages.

Laurence Jammes, L'abécédaire des zanimos: After starting her career as an illustrator working for several important children's fashion brands, Laurence is now a prolific illustrator of children's books and magazines.

UK artist Anthony Peters aka Imeus Design.
Left: Technicolour Alphabet Right: Numberhood.

Marion Billet, Transports: Marion Billet is a well-known French illustrator, and this print of hers is exclusive to L'Affiche Moderne.

Marion Billet, Cerf: Another Marion Billet print exclusive to L'Affiche Moderne.

Sigrid Martinez, Animalphabet: Sigrid Martinez designs fabric for kids, and illustrates children's books.

Ingela P Arrhenius, Up in the Air: Ingela P Arrhenius is a Swedish illustrator who takes her inspiration from the 50s and 60s.

C86, Back to the Old House. C86 showcases the work of Matt Lyon, a UK-based digital and mixed-media artist.

And I could show you more, and more, and more...They are all spectacular. All prints are strictly limited to 300 editions; choose from a print with no frame or mounting, a mounted canvas print, a framed print, or a Dibond mounted print, all of them ready to be hung on the wall. Browse the L'Affiche Moderne catalogue for more gorgeousness that you can have in your home!

These images are all copyright and have been published with the permission of L'Affiche Moderne. Many thanks for allowing me to show these wonderful designs on my blog!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabric Lovers will LOVE these

No fabric lover could walk past these. Rich and vibrant, these gorgeous pieces by Australian company Kaftan Kids are individually handcrafted with embroidery, ribbon and bead-work. Kaftan Kids featured on the excellent Babyology blog yesterday. These are my favourite images from the Kaftan Kids Summer 2010 collection which is selling well since its launch in October.

These images are copyright and have been published with the permission of Kaftan Kids. Visit their website to see the entire range.

Orange you Lucky to have Helen Dardik for Inspiration!

Even when writing her name, Helen Dardik turns it into a work of art! I first discovered Helen Dardik a year or more ago on the wonderful Print and Pattern blog, and have been constantly inspired by her ever since. A good strong cup of coffee and a daily dose of Orange You Lucky by Helen Dardik and I'm ready to go for the day. Very uplifting!
She is an absolute master of colour, character, and organic forms. Her style is instantly recognisable, but always fresh and original. Many readers will be familiar with her work and surely will enjoy seeing more, and for those who haven't yet discovered Dardik, be awed!

Ok, I know I'm getting carried away. Last one...

It's like a drug: addictive, but I've got to stop now. Go to her blog Orange you Lucky for more!

These images are the copyright of Helen Dardik and were published with her permission. Thank you Helen!